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Immigrants Deserve Compensation for Work Injuries Too

Have you been hurt at work in North Carolina? If so, you may be entitled to benefits, including medical treatment and a portion of your wages, regardless of your immigration status. Here’s the bad news, your employer and their insurance company are not on your side. But this doesn’t mean that your personal injury claim will not stand a chance. Our North Carolina workers’ compensation attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Immigrants, especially undocumented workers are often afraid to report work injuries to their employers. They are also frequently treated poorly by employers and insurance companies when they attempt to file a workers compensation claim. This can leave immigrants and undocumented workers feeling like they have nowhere to turn. At Diener Law, our workers’ compensation attorneys in Durham, NC can help. Call us today at 888-361-3349 for a free consultation.

We Help North Carolina Immigrants Get the Compensation They Deserve

A personal injury case can arise from a variety of situations and virtually anywhere. In most cases, it could involve defective products, a slip and fall injury, or nasty dog bites within your home or neighborhood. In contrast, some cases may arise from medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, or other forms of neglect or carelessness that require prompt legal action. In many instances, however, accidents take place within your place of work.

Immigrants and undocumented workers are often vulnerable to intimidation and retaliation in workers’ compensation cases. That’s why Diener Law is dedicated to helping immigrants who have suffered injuries at work. We protect your rights and fight to get you the compensation you deserve. We stand up to employers who try to retaliate against you for making a workers’ compensation claim. Additionally, our North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers can help you get the treatment you need when the insurance company gives you a hard time.

Filing for Workers’ Compensation in North Carolina

Several factors will influence the damages that are available in a workers’ compensation case. It will depend mainly on the severity of bodily injuries, testimonials from witnesses, and other factors that can establish the negligent actions of the party at fault.

In particular personal injury cases, claimants commit minor mistakes and end up not getting fully paid for the medical expenses and emotional distress caused by an accident in the workplace. Talk to experienced and hands-on workers’ compensation and immigration attorneys in North Carolina who will discuss in detail how damages for personal injury are calculated.

Contact us today at 888-361-3349 for a free consultation. Our reliable personal injury attorneys in Durham, NC will look into your specific situation and help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Workers’ Compensation Claims and Immigration Laws

Whether you are a legal or illegal immigrant, you have the right to sue a party at fault and recover compensation for serious injuries that you have sustained at work. This is especially true after an accident caused by another person’s carelessness or negligence. If you are undocumented and have been involved in an accident while at work, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation.

Having a seasoned Durham workers’ compensation attorney by your side is essential to achieving the best outcome, especially in claiming compensation. Some immigrants feel that they have a slim chance of getting compensated for all the emotional distress, traumatic injuries, and economic damages that the accident has caused.

However, an experienced and reliable workers’ compensation attorney in North Carolina will be able to assist you with the legal steps that you will take, given the specific circumstances of your personal injury case. Call us today at 888-361-3349 to get the legal assistance and representation you need for your workers comp claim today.

Recovering Compensation for Medical Expenses

If you are an immigrant or undocumented worker and have been injured in a workplace accident, it can be frustrating and frightening, especially if you have suffered life-changing serious injuries. An undocumented alien generally misses out on the benefits of legal permanent residents or citizens of the United States. As such, covering medical costs after a work-related accident can be financially overwhelming.

A workplace injury will likely incur medical bills, including:

  • the costs of using the emergency room, urgent care center, or hospital room;
  • expenses for medication necessary to treat both minor and severe injuries (both prescription and over-the-counter medications); and
  • the cost of rehabilitation services (such as outpatient rehabilitation, in-home rehabilitation, occupational therapy, or physical therapy).

Keep in mind that it is best to consult with a hands-on Durham NC workers’ compensation attorney before negotiating for insurance claims and making statements to an insurance company. Contact us at Diener Law to get legal help with your workers compensation claim in North Carolina.

Recoverable Damages in Workplace Injury Cases

Under both federal and state laws, pain and suffering damages are meant to compensate for the intangible pain, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life due to an accident. Related to this are other possible damages, such as:

  • loss of consortium (applicable to spouses that suffered from loss of marital relations),
  • loss of companionship, or
  • even loss of care.

If you or a loved one sustained injuries from a workplace accident caused by someone else’s actions, contact a reliable personal injury law office in North Carolina. Our dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys in Durham, NC can help you learn more about maximizing settlements or filing injury lawsuits. 

Seek Legal Help for Your Workers’ Compensation Case

When seeking legal representation, it is crucial to look for someone who has extensive experience in going to court and dealing with insurance companies, particularly how they set a settlement value for a particular case. They should take time to listen to every single detail about the case and respond to clarifications once all relevant information has been gathered. Such is crucial in organizing facts and evidence that can determine the best options for seeking maximum compensation.

Whether you are a green card holder with lawful permanent residence or an undocumented foreigner, you will need a lawyer who can comprehensively explain relevant personal injury laws and employ an effective case-management system to ensure that your case moves smoothly. Our diligent and trusted workers’ compensation attorneys in North Carolina will work hard to help you secure full and fair compensation.

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Contact Our Immigrants Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Durham, NC

If you are an undocumented worker who has been injured at work, call the immigrants’ workers compensation lawyers at or contact us online to request a free consultation. We will take the time to explain your rights and evaluate your claim. Even if you already have a workers’ compensation attorney, we are happy to give you a free second option. Call us today or visit one of our offices in North Carolina!

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