Immigration For Brothers and Sisters

Bridge the miles and reunite with your sibling through sibling immigration

Are you longing to reunite with your beloved brother or sister who is living far away? The bond between siblings is an unbreakable thread that weaves together cherished memories, shared experiences, and unwavering support. Fortunately, there is a path that can lead you back to their embrace. Sibling immigration offers hope, allowing you to bridge the distance and create a future filled with shared laughter, love, and new opportunities. 

Here, we will explore the journey of immigration for brothers and sisters, shed light on its significance, and introduce you to our exceptional ally, Diener Law, who is dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of the process.

Regarding immigration for siblings, having the proper legal guidance is paramount. That is where Diener Law steps in as a beacon of support and skills. With their deep understanding of immigration law and a compassionate approach, Diener Law has successfully assisted numerous families in realizing their dreams of reuniting with their siblings. 

Our team of skilled attorneys is committed to providing personalized attention and comprehensive assistance throughout the immigration process. From deciphering complex documentation to advocating on your behalf, Diener Law is your steadfast partner on this transformative journey.

Don’t let geographical barriers keep you apart any longer. Contact our skilled attorneys at Diener Law today and let our dedicated team guide you through the intricacies of immigration for siblings. Get in touch with us now.

What is Sibling Immigration?

Sibling immigration, or immigration for brothers and sisters, refers to bringing your siblings to the United States as legal immigrants. It is a category of family-based immigration under the United States immigration law. It allows US citizens to sponsor their adult brothers and sisters for lawful permanent residency (green card) in the United States. 

How Do I Know I Am Eligible To Apply? 

The eligibility for immigration for brothers and sisters is determined by specific immigration categories established by the US government. One primary category for immigration for siblings is the Family Preference Category (F4) visa. This category allows US citizens to sponsor their siblings for immigration. 

The eligibility criteria and requirements include:

  • US Citizenship: The petitioner must be a US citizen and provide evidence of their citizenship status.
  • Relationship: The petitioner must have a qualifying sibling relationship with the beneficiary. 
  • Age and Marital Status: The sibling beneficiary must be at least 21 years old and unmarried. Married siblings are not eligible for immigration.

Affidavit of Support: The US citizen petitioner must demonstrate their ability to financially support the sibling beneficiary by submitting an affidavit.

  • Visa Availability: Sibling immigration is subject to visa availability under the family-based fourth preference category (F4). Visa availability depends on the sibling’s country of origin and the annual quota for visas in this category. 

It is important to note that the specific requirements and procedures may vary and can be subject to changes in immigration laws and policies. By consulting with an experienced immigration attorney at Diener Law, we can help you reunite with your beloved siblings. Contact us now to get more further information.

What are the Steps to Apply for Sibling Immigration?

These are the key steps that you must follow to bring your siblings to the United States:

  • Determine Eligibility: Confirm that you and your sibling meet the eligibility requirements for this immigration type to the United States. Generally, a US citizen or lawful permanent resident (green card holder) can sponsor a sibling for immigration.
  • File Form I-130: The sponsoring sibling must file Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This form establishes the sibling relationship and initiates the immigration process.
  • Wait for USCIS Approval: The USCIS will review Form I-130 and supporting documents. The petition will be forwarded to the National Visa Center (NVC) for further processing if approved.
  • Pay Fees and Submit Documents to NVC: Once the petition reaches the NVC, you must pay the required fees and submit various supporting documents, such as the Affidavit of Support, civil documents, and the DS-260 immigrant visa application.
  • Attend Visa Interview: The NVC will schedule an immigrant visa interview at the US Embassy or Consulate in your sibling’s home country. During the interview, your sibling will be required to provide additional documents, undergo a medical examination, and answer questions regarding their eligibility for immigration.
  • Await Visa Issuance: If the visa interview is successful, your sibling will receive an immigrant visa in their passport, allowing them to travel to the United States as a permanent resident.

Remember, immigration laws can be complex and subject to change. It is crucial to consult with a qualified immigration attorney to ensure you have the best possible support and representation throughout the immigration for siblings process. Reach out to one of our skilled lawyers at Diener Law today, and we will guide you from the start until the end of your journey to reunite with your family.

Why Do I Need An Immigration Attorney?

Are you considering bringing your beloved brothers and sisters to Durham, NC? While it’s an endeavor filled with love and anticipation, it’s crucial to recognize the complexities that lie ahead. Navigating the intricate web of immigration laws can be daunting, and that’s where an experienced immigration lawyer becomes invaluable. 

At Diener Law, we are committed to:

  • Provide personalized guidance based on your specific situation. We will assess your eligibility, explain the requirements, and develop a tailored strategy to maximize your chances of success.
  • Assist in gathering and preparing the required documentation for the sibling immigration process. We will ensure all documents are accurate, complete, and submitted within the specified timelines.
  • Meticulously prepare and file your petition, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements. 
  • Resolve any issues or complications during the process and will provide proactive problem-solving. 
  • Reduce the risk of mistakes, petition denials, or requests for additional information from immigration authorities. 
  • Provide peace of mind. You can rely on our valuable skills, knowing that your case is being handled professionally, and we will guide you through each step with care and precision.

Please don’t leave the fate of your family’s future to chance. Seek professional assistance with one of our reputable attorneys at Diener Law today.

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