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Getting recompense for your injuries may be a worry if the at-fault driver is an illegal immigrant, and you have been wounded in a vehicle accident. There are several states that prohibit illegal immigrants from acquiring driver’s licenses. However, this does not mean that they can’t get behind the wheel. Hit-and-runs and other sorts of deadly automobile accidents include undocumented and uninsured immigrants in disproportionately high numbers of cases. Fear of deportation may prompt undocumented immigrants to leave the scene of an accident.

As soon as possible after an automobile accident involving an illegal immigrant, you should contact a personal injury attorney to ensure that you are adequately compensated for your injuries.

Find out how one of our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at Diener Law can help you as an immigrant who needs help in North Carolina.

  • North Carolina Motorcycle Laws
  • Policy limitations often work against the interests of motorcyclists.
  • Find a motorcycle accident attorney in North Carolina

North Carolina Motorcycle Laws

Motorcycling laws vary from state to state, and they change often. A single rider may use HOV lanes, but only one motorbike can do so. Modifications to the bikes are also restricted under these laws.

Many personal injury lawyers do not fully grasp the extent of the harm that may be done in a motorcycle accident. Medical experts, accident reconstructionists, and other experts together with our attorneys’ work may be able to assist you in your case.

Not only to avoid being pulled over, but riders should also be familiar with and understand these restrictions. For example, if you get into an accident while doing something that North Carolina deems “illegal,” you may not be able to collect compensation.

Annotated versions of state statutes and legislation are available to North Carolina motorcycle riders as part of our service.

The first step is to find a trustworthy source, and our North Carolina motorcycle accident lawyers are well-versed in the state’s laws

Reconstruction of a Motorcycle Accident

Experts in motorcycle physics may assist our lawyers in reconstructing the events of your accident using evidence, vehicle damage, and eyewitness testimony as a starting point. Motorcyclists who have been knocked unconscious and are unable to tell their side of the story are especially vulnerable to the dangers of reconstruction. Many of our clients have been accused of causing a collision, but we’ve been able to show that they were not to blame and they did all they could to prevent the accident.

In a motorcycle accident, why do I need an attorney?

Motorcycle riders are often unfairly blamed for accidents they cause. In order to hold the guilty parties accountable, a detailed investigation of the accident site is critical. When it comes to investigating a motorbike accident, an expert lawyer can help you get to the bottom of exactly what went wrong.

Motorcycle rules in North and South Carolina are quite intricate and distinct. You can count on the motorcycle accident lawyers at Diener Law to help you understand your legal options in the event of an accident. 

Policy limitations often work against the interests of motorcyclists.

If the policy limitations of the responsible driver are significantly below what you deserve, it may be in your best interest to take your case to court. Medical expenses, lost pay, and pain and suffering may greatly surpass the other driver’s $25,000 or $30,000 bodily injury cap in serious incidents involving motorcycles. The only chance to get your money back if the matter goes to trial on a jury is if the amount you owe goes beyond that amount.

In the event of a motorcycle accident, here are seven tips for riders to keep in mind.

  • Give the police your version of events for the accident report if you can.
  • Unless absolutely essential, avoid talking to anybody else at the site of the collision and never, ever, ever apologize to the other motorist or acknowledge blame.
  • It’s not a situation where you want to tough it out; your medical records will be vital proof if you don’t seek help soon away.
  • Before you have your motorbike fixed, make sure your motorcycle lawyer has the correct documentation of all the damages — we may even hire an accident reconstruction specialist to inspect the damage!
  • After a car collision, if you’re still able to stand, snap your own photos of the scene and of the other vehicle’s damage if feasible.
  • You’ll almost certainly have to cover a large portion of your accident-related expenditures before you get any compensation. So that we can accurately evaluate the losses, please save all of your receipts
  • Make sure you don’t discuss your accident on social media and don’t post any images or say anything that might cast doubt on your injuries.

Considerations in motorcycle Injury cases

Motorcyclists are subject to many of the same rules as automobile and truck drivers. However, your legal team faces extra substantial obstacles.

Many drivers have an implicit prejudice against all cyclists. This implies juries are typically biased towards the wounded biker.

Most vehicle accident claims are resolved before trial during pre-trial talks with the other driver’s insurance company. Assuming you will have to accept for less than you deserve or risk losing in court, these insurance firms will bargain accordingly.

This anti-rider prejudice is frequently ignorant. Accident prevention isn’t appreciated by the ordinary juror who drives a vehicle. They don’t comprehend evasive movements and may be perplexed by your defensive efforts.

The defense may claim that you, the rider, were more at fault than the motorist who struck you, and the jury may agree.

Our North Carolina motorcycle lawyers at Diener Law know how to dispute these false claims. We know how to counter all insurance industry tactics. Our attorneys may also humanize you, the rider, so the jury empathizes with you rather than against you.

We advise you to ask pertinent motorcycle-related questions while interviewing lawyers for your motorcycle injury or wrongful death case.

How many bikers did you represent? What are some of the problems faced by cyclists in court? How will you overcome the jury’s innate anti-motorcycle bias?

Find a motorcycle accident attorney in North Carolina

Insurance companies are formidable adversaries, and our motorcycle accident lawyers will battle them head-to-head. We will take your claim as far as it has to go in order to get the maximum compensation to which you are legally entitled, whether via a settlement or a trial. Have you or a loved one been wounded in a motorbike accident, or have you lost a significant amount of money? For a free legal consultation, please fill out the form on our website or give us a call.

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