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Advance parole is a travel permit that allows an alien with a pending application process for a green card to travel outside the United States temporarily. This means that every green card applicant who is currently residing in the United States must first apply for an Advance Parole in the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) before going out of the country.

For a family-based green card, the application would typically take from 10 months to several years or more to completely process the Green card. This is a very long timeline for an alien or green card applicant to not go outside of United States.

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Who Qualifies for Advance Parole?

Most qualified applicants for a travel document or advance parole also try to apply for a green card while residing within the United States. U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS approves advance parole applications variously. Every applicant has different reasons for applying for advance parole, and not every applicant is also qualified for applying. You are eligible for applying for Advance Parole if you are within the categories:

  • Submitted the status of an adjustment of Green Card Application by filling up Form I-485.
  • Applied for Temporary Protected Status or TPS.
  • Asylee or a currently applying for asylum.
  • Pending application for temporary resident status under Section 245(A) of the INA or Immigration and Nationality Act.
  • The USCIS granted advance parole applicants a TPS, T non-immigrant, or U non-immigrant status.
  • USCIS or Customs and Border Protection (CBP) granted humanitarian parole under Section 212 (d)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)
  • Received benefits through the Family Unity Program‍.
  • You are a DACA Recipient.

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Who Is Not Qualified?

However, there are also few exemptions when applying for Advance Parole. Ineligible applicants may not be granted a travel permit if:

  • They are residing in the United States without proper or legal immigration documents.
  • They don’t have a valid re-entry permit or valid refugee legal documents.
  • They currently have a J Visa or a visa with foreign residence requirement.
  • They are a beneficiary of a private immigration bill approved by Congress.
  • They are currently in the midst of the deportation process.
  • They are considered as asylum-seeker but not officially applying or adjusting residency status to a green card.

Illegal aliens who have been entering the country unlawfully can still file for a travel document or advance parole. However, even if they have been granted the application, they may still face legal consequences. Such punishment maybe being barred for re-entry in the U.S.

For illegal aliens who have been residing in the country unlawfully for 180 days to a year, USCIS may bar them from re-entering for almost three years. If an illegal alien resides in the country for more than a year, USCIS might ban re-entering for nearly ten years.

Illegal aliens should consult a reliable Advance Parole attorney before traveling abroad. This is to prepare for legal documents, necessary actions, and preparations for such scenarios.

If you have immigration concerns, don’t hesitate to connect with our immigration and advance parole attorneys at Diener Law.

What Happens If I Don’t Apply for Advance Parole?

The USCIS will terminate your green card application, and you must restart the application process. This would take another round of money and a lot of time to do the process all over again. Make sure to have your Advance Parole or travel document all ready before leaving the country!

If you’re a citizen of North Carolina who has a pending green card application and needs to travel outside the U.S, you must consult with an experienced Advance Parole attorney to help you with your travel permit. Since the process can be pretty daunting and costly, if not done well, having a reliable immigration attorney will ensure that your travel will be more accessible.

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How Do I Apply for Advance Parole?

From USCIS. Green card applicants who need an urgent reason to travel abroad must first secure a travel permit.

  • Applying for Advance parole begins with the filing of Form I-131. You can do this online.
  • Pay fees and supporting documents. Since the application for travel documents also requires legal documents and fees. You can also check the link above for the exact requirements and costs.
  • Submit completed form I-131. Either submit it through mail or online via users’ or petitioners’ accounts.

For applicants overseas, filing up Form I-131 needs to have prior permission from the local U.S embassy or consulate. Set an appointment first with the local U.S embassy to make a petition or request.

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When Should I Apply for Advance Parole?

It is a general rule for applicants with pending green card applications to secure a travel document first before leaving the country, be it for emergency reasons, vacation, or essential business matters. The USCIS takes it seriously for green card applicants if they leave the country without an Advance Parole.

Travel document or Advance Parole has a validity of one year after the issuance date. It is advisable to apply for advance parole during an ongoing application for a Green card. This is to prepare the applicants for upcoming out-of-the-country travels that need urgent attention.

An applicant who currently has an approved travel document – can apply for its elapsed. It is also important to renew the travel document as early as 120 days before it expires. The renewal process time is almost the same as the regular or initial application.

Set an appointment with the best advance parole attorneys in North Carolina or California to know if you’re qualified for advance parole.

Emergency Travel

There are few possibilities and ways to get travel document processing faster. Emergencies like death or sudden illness of a close relative or family member abroad are one scenario for expedited processing. USCIS will interview and ask few questions regarding the said emergencies for verification.

It is also best for travel documents or advances parole applicants to set an appointment with the local USCIS office as soon as possible. This is to shorten the waiting time or processing time. It is also best to bring out essential documents such as passport photos, evidence, or proof of emergency travel. For the death of a family member, a copy of the death certificate, medical records, or a signed letter from the family doctor is highly considered.

There is also no additional fee for an emergency travel document.

Travelling Abroad? Here Are Some Quick Tips

Plan your out-of-the-country trips.

Make sure that you can follow all the necessary appointments throughout the process. Also, make sure not to leave the country without any legitimately approved travel document.

Always check your USCIS mails or notice.

Ensure to stay on alert with any USCIS mails or notice they send even when you are out of the country. Always check your email or text messages for these kinds of essential updates.

Always have immigration documents with you.

Even though you have secured a travel document and are re-entering the United States, it is pretty common to be pulled aside for secondary inspection of legal documents. The border agent is likely verifying that you have a pending green card application.

Make sure you don’t have immigration violations.

This is often forgotten by Advance Parole or travel document holder. Just because you secured a travel document doesn’t necessarily mean that the border agent will allow your re-enter. Especially if the travel holder has multiple immigration violations, it is essential to reconsider traveling outside the country if you have doubts about possible problems.

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Filing an Advance Parole can be quite a tedious process. Handling documents and making sure that you’re doing the process right will save you lots of time and money. By working with the most reliable North Carolina Advance Parole attorney, you can ensure that your advance parole processing will go smoothly. Our Greenville immigration law firm can also help your green card processing to make sure that it will go as planned.

Set an appointment with the best advance parole attorneys in North Carolina or California to know if you’re qualified for advance parole.

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