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What happens if I don’t have the required documents?
Diener Law is very good at finding a way to obtain the required documents for an immigration petition if a client does not have them. We have done this thousand of times and understand how stressful this can be for our clients.

What if I want to start my process with Diener Law, but I do not have enough money?
At Diener Law, we understand that life is challenging. Our firm offers payment plans so that your dream is easily within reach.

I am worried about others finding out about my personal information?
All information provided by our clients is a 100% confidential. We cannot share information with anyone without your permission. This is the law and it is called the attorney-client privilege.

If I hire Diener Law, how will I know I will not be forgotten after I pay?
Diener Law needs you. Our success is dependent on your success. This is why we will be communicating with you every two weeks to tell you about your case and which stage it is in. We will also request feedback on how we can improve our service throughout your case. Our management reviews your comments every week, no exceptions! We are in the business of helping people and have team members available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have.

What if I did not tell the truth to the government in the past?
We are not here to judge, we are here to help! Nothing surprises us after helping over 15,000 immigrants and we have dealt with many issues. We never lose focus on your goal and it is our job to find the best way (if possible) to make it work. We don’t run away from challenges; that is why we are here.

What happens if I used another name for employment, taxes, or a driver’s license in the past?
It is not uncommon for immigrants to use another name. What is important is you have a plan to protect yourself before it is too late. We deal with this issue everyday. It is important to hire a lawyer with the necessary experience because serious consequences will occur if left unaddressed. No law firm can guarantee a result, but we can assure you we have as much experience dealing with this issue as anyone in the country.

What if I was found guilty of a crime in the past?
Many times people think they have been convicted of a crime when they haven’t. Sometimes people think they haven’t convicted a crime but they have. The key is to get accurate information about the legal result and the consequences. All criminal convictions are not the same. What you need is the truth about your situation and the options available. Diener Law has a team of both immigration and criminal lawyers to get you the answers you need and let you move on with your life.

What if I was stopped at the border in the past?
Every situation is different. We can get your records from immigration about all border apprehensions and determine how we can help. Our job is to find a way and make your dreams a reality. And we love our job!

What if a notary helped me with my immigration application in the past?
Notaries routinely give unqualified assistance to immigrants. Our job is to see if there was any damage done and fix it if we can. Or, in the event everything is fine, finish of your process without the risk to your hard earned benefits.

 What if another attorney has my documents or my file?
Attorneys cannot hold your original papers if you request them. Often times we request the documents from other attorneys so that our client don’t have to.

 What will happen if my case is denied?
It is very important to know what can happen if you are denied. It also important to identify whether your case is entitled to an appeal. Although there is no appeal process for most cases, in certain situations you can refile the request if there is a better argument. This is an important part of our process that we discuss with our clients to ensure they have no surprises as they move forward.

 What payment options are available?
At Diener Law we work with our clients by offering different payment plans. We gladly accept cash, credit or debit cards, money orders and personal checks. We always do our best to accommodate payment plans when our clients need it. For our clients that may not live close to one of our office locations, we offer automatic withdrawals from the client’s bank account.

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