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Following immigration law, a green card (permanent resident card) enables you to legally live and work in the US permanently.  A foreign national who was able to immigrate to the country may be given a conditional green card through various ways (e.g. green card through marriage). The card issued to a conditional resident is valid for only two years. Before it expires, the ‘conditions’ must be removed if you want to change your immigration status and enjoy permanent residency.

If you have been a conditional green card holder for almost two years, contact trusted immigration attorneys now. An immigrant who wishes to become a legal permanent resident (and eventually become a US citizen) must take note of the immigration process. Keep in mind that the conditions on your permanent resident card must be removed within 90 days before it expires.

As the cardholder, work with your immigration attorney and file Form I-751 (Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence) and supporting documents, if any, with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). If you are processing your green card application while married, you are to file USCIS forms jointly with your lawful permanent resident spouse, unless:

  • Your spouse passed away; 
  • The marriage was entered in good faith but was later terminated through divorce or annulment; 
  • You have been battered by your spouse; or, 
  • You are under other circumstances that immigration lawyers can discuss with you. 

green card lawyersInclude the names and Alien Registration Numbers of any dependent children who acquired conditional resident status the same day (or within 90 days thereafter) as you. 

Immigration laws are strict. If you are unable to file your petition for an adjustment of status or removal of conditions, you will lose your green card status. With the expiration of your conditional permanent resident status, you may face removal proceedings and deportation to your home country. This is why it is important to contact a law firm specializing in US immigration and the green card process.

Petitioning to have your conditional status adjusted is necessary for becoming a permanent resident. Once the USCIS office receives your immigration paperwork, you could be contacted for an immigration interview. If you pass the interview and the conditions of your card are removed, you will get a green card that is no longer ‘conditional’. At the end of your tedious card application, you will get a permanent resident card that is renewable. Most green cards have a ten-year validity.

Do you need help with your green card? 

Regardless of your nationality, immigrating to the country and getting a green card is a complicated process.  Get an immigration lawyer who will help you with the removal of conditions, your immigration petition for permanent residence, and other immigration forms related to your applying for a green card. If you need assistance in obtaining a green card, visas, or family immigration in general, contact our immigration law firm right now. Our green card lawyers at Diener law will help you or your family members on the immigration process.

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