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Is it time to change your green card to a certificate of citizenship? To be a citizen of the United States means having more rights and responsibilities than a legal permanent resident. A green card holder knows that a United States citizen has more privileges, so the usual goal is to eventually change nationality and take an oath of allegiance and receive a certificate of naturalization. For current lawful permanent residents, the citizenship process involves a review of their immigration history as well as a two-part test. If you want to become a citizen, nothing in your record should refute your good moral character. You also need to fill out the correct USCIS forms, submit the necessary documents, and perhaps even take citizenship classes to prepare for the test.

There are times when somebody applying for citizenship fails to pass the naturalization interview. In this case, there is a second chance to fulfill the requirements for US citizenship. This often applies when the immigrant fails a part of the citizenship test. It could mean that he or she just needs more time to prepare for the civics test or learn to speak English better.

citizenship interviewFor immigrants who need to go through the second interview, they have 60 to 90 days from the initial interview to ensure that they will pass the naturalization test this time around. Nonetheless, a second chance interview is not always about the actual tests. Sometimes, a person’s application for naturalization does not have sufficient materials, so he or she needs to submit more documents to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for the office to be able to make a decision on their application for citizenship.

If you failed in your first attempt to become a naturalized American citizen, take the time to review the results sheet given by the USCIS office so you can understand what else you need to do to successfully go through the naturalization process. When you need more documents or additional materials to apply for naturalization, the USCIS officer will give you a Form N-14 with a list of these requirements along with your results sheet. The form will also indicate if you only need to send the other materials through mail or if you need to bring them to your second interview. If you want your citizenship application to be approved, you have to heed whatever the Form N-14 says because the next officer to interview you will refer to it to make sure that you complied with every requirement within the deadline specified. When mailing requirements to the USCIS, attach a copy of the form to your additional materials and make sure that you send them through certified mail. You could also ask for a return receipt for proof.

Naturalization Application of the Elderly and the Disabled

Consideration is given to applicants with disabilities or conditions that are age-related. Understandably, they may have a harder time taking either the civics test or the English test. A foreign national with a debilitating condition is still eligible to apply. He or she may simply request a disability waiver to be exempted from the tests.

There are times when a USCIS officer does not accord an elderly or disabled applicant proper consideration. This could be brought to the attention of the next officer to interview the applicant. When USCIS officers are altogether lacking in sympathy, those concerned may ask to speak with a supervisor and explain the situation. If the supervisor reacts with a similar lack of sympathy, an immigration attorney can work to ensure that the applicant’s rights and interests are defended and protected.

Need Help Becoming a US Citizen? Hire an Immigration Lawyer Today!

In your path to citizenship, it’s helpful to be guided by an attorney specializing in immigration law. Before applying, it’s important to understand what would be required of you and what risks you might run. First and foremost, it makes sense to know what the eligibility requirements are. There are people who are not eligible to apply for citizenship. For instance, those below 18 years of age aren’t eligible to apply now at their current age.

If becoming a citizen is your goal, the services of an attorney are invaluable. You can be guided on how to apply for citizenship as well as be assisted on the entire matter. For example, you can be advised on dual citizenship. Renunciation of your old citizenship may be inferred from the oath, but if your country of origin allows dual nationality, you may retain your old citizenship despite gaining American citizenship.

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