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American immigration is not easy. Processing times for immigrants are long and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) would require various forms that must be submitted. However, because of the many benefits of immigration to the United States, foreigners who are qualified to immigrate will do all that they can to get a green card and lawful permanent resident status.

To ensure that you successfully go through the proceedings related to your immigration status, it is advisable to get in touch with experienced Greenville immigration attorneys. They can help you go through the required immigration process and avoid having the federal court deport you.

What this article will focus on are the following frequently asked questions:

– Are visas and US green cards absolute?

– Can I still be deported if I am almost finished immigrating?

– What can illegal aliens do?

– Why do I need to contact an expert on immigration laws?

Are visas and US green cards absolute?

immigration attorneyThe direct answer is no. Foreign nationals must always remember that there are limits to the activities that they may engage in. There are immigration laws that must be carefully followed, and a number of these immigration policies depend on your actual circumstance. Foreigners on a tourist visa, for example, are strictly not allowed to work. Otherwise, their visa might be canceled and they would have to leave.

Permanent residents or immigrant green cardholders must be extra careful to not do anything unlawful. They must update the USCIS office of any change in address or any event or circumstance that could affect their status. Otherwise, they could be deported under relevant immigration law. This is one of the primary reasons why one should get Greenville immigration lawyers. They can provide legal advice and help you avoid being removed from the United States.

Can I still be deported if I am almost finished immigrating?

Deportation is commonly associated with the group of undocumented persons referred to as illegal immigrants. An alien can become ‘undocumented’ if he or she goes through a port of entry without the required paperwork, or has been granted entry but stays longer than the allowed period of time. A foreign national on a visitor visa who extends his or her stay, for instance, would face consequences for such illegal overstaying. Note, however, that even lawful permanent residents may be deported. A common example would be an individual who has able to get a green card through marriage but was found guilty of marriage fraud.

Additionally, while certain nonimmigrants can reside in the US with a valid visa, there is no place for complacency. All foreigners must be cautious with his or her actions and actively avoid doing anything illegal. They would drastically affect your green card application or even naturalization application since an immigration officer would likely ask about unlawful acts disclosed on immigration forms you will have to submit. Here a local attorney from a local law firm specializing in US immigration removal proceedings would be of great help.

What can illegal aliens do?

It is helpful to keep in mind that even an undocumented person of a different nationality still has rights. US immigration officials, for instance, cannot legally enter an individual’s residence without a warrant and consent. Similarly, if you do find yourself in an inquiry with a police or immigration official, you are not obliged to reveal your lack of immigration status. This is one reason why most illegal aliens do not carry with them any documents that identify their home country.

If you feel that will be a better course of action, you may opt to refuse to answer questions and remain silent. Alternatively, if you do decide to answer questions, be as truthful and honest as possible. Making false statements to federal officials is an illegal offense.

One should take note that the most common reason why illegal immigrants are spotted by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is when they get involved with the criminal justice system. In general, jails are asked to report any undocumented person in their presence. Avoid them at all costs.

Why do I need to contact an expert on immigration laws?

Except in cases where fraud or a green card marriage took place, US citizens may not be deported. This is why legal permanent residents who are qualified should apply for citizenship once they are eligible. Usually, five years after successfully getting a green card, one can start applying to become naturalized and have a shot at becoming a US citizen.

Obtaining lawful permanent residency is difficult as it involves a lengthy legal process. If you currently reside in the US or have already become a green card holder, avoid facing deportation by calling the right immigration law firm. Being deported for certain types of crimes may prevent you from entering the United States ever again, so do not take your chances.

For immigration information or paperwork or for assistance in getting a green card, consular processing, or adjustment of status, give us a call. Consult with reliable Greenville immigration attorneys at Diener Law to avoid removal proceedings and related consequences.

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