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Dual Citizenship Explained

Understanding perfectly how dual citizenship works in the U.S. is a huge advantage for a foreign national who is considering filing for a dual citizenship appli...

Applying for Citizenship: How Long Will It Take?

While learning how to become citizens of the United States can indeed be difficult, it is not entirely impossible to be familiar with the basics of US Citizensh...

Difficulties that Most Aspiring US Citizens Have to Deal With

Getting a green card and applying for citizenship requires tons of patience. Any immigration process, which often begins with immigrant visas, involves various ...

Second Citizenship Interview

Is it time to change your green card to a certificate of citizenship? To be a citizen of the United States means having more rights and responsibilities than a ...

What is the US Citizenship Test and which are its parts?

In the following article, you’ll learn about the US Citizenship Test and its parts, so that you are fully prepared when you take such a test and successfully ...

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