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Can my Green Card be canceled? 

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) scrutinizes immigration files of foreign nationals who have applied for naturalization. A close review of their immigration history is necessary to determine whether they should be given citizenship. In instances where a foreign national is found to have wrongfully become a green card holder as in the case of a sham marriage-based green card application or any other fraudulent means of obtaining a green card, such a finding will not only cause the denial of citizenship but could also lead to deportation.

 Naturalization Ineligibility and Greencard Loss

There are other cases that could result in citizenship denial, green card loss, and even removal proceedings. Forgreen card cancellation example, the USCIS office might find that an immigrant with lawful permanent resident status (LPR status) has effectively committed abandonment of his or her legal permanent residence by taking long trips abroad or spending very little time in the United States each year. This could lead to the revocation of one’s permanent resident card.

Green card cancellation or loss of permanent residency is also possible if the permanent resident’s US citizenship application reveals evidence of a crime. This makes him or her ineligible for American citizenship and could even lead to deportation if it’s a crime listed in the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Reentry Denial

Spending six or more months outside the United States or committing a crime in a foreign country would make a legal permanent resident inadmissible upon return. There are different grounds for inadmissibility, including certain criminal convictions and threats to public health. If Customs and Border Protection allowed the returning resident to reenter the country despite not having a reentry permit, the resident cardholder could still be deported to his or her home country if the entry is discovered later on. Discovery could certainly take place when such permanent residents or green card holders apply for US citizenship.

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Whether you’re working on being naturalized or applying for a green card, it’s best to consult an immigration lawyer regarding any form of the immigration process. Legal status is paramount if you want to be in the country, and imperative if you want to make a good life in the United States. Make sure that you talk to a lawyer who specializes in immigration law.

If you’re an alien resident who wants to ensure that you’re eligible to apply for citizenship, have a lawyer review your case to see if you’ve not gone against any immigration laws. If your green card or legal immigration status is jeopardized, getting legal counsel right away is important. For any legal matter concerning immigration, call us at Diener Law and speak with one of our experienced immigration attorneys.

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