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Cancellation of removal safeguards those who are facing deportation from the United States. However, many immigrants or citizens are tempted to represent themselves to immigration courts and later regret doing so. Hiring a North Carolina cancellation of removal attorney will be your best defense from immigration and deportation court hearings.

Our immigration attorneys in North Carolina have helped nearly 50,000 immigrants solve immigration problems from California to North Carolina. We are committed to help immigrants like you, no matter where you are or what immigration problem you have. We will help you get the facts and alternatives to your immigration problems that you deserve.

What is Cancellation of Removal?

Cancellation of removal is a form of relief available in the United States immigration law that can allow specific non-permanent residents to avoid deportation and gain legal permanent resident (LPR) status (commonly known as a green card). There are two main categories for which cancellation of removal is available:

Cancellation of Removal for LPRs

LPRs who have been in the US for at least five years, have continuously resided in the US for at least seven years after being admitted in any status, and have not been convicted of an aggravated felony, may be eligible for cancellation of removal if they are facing deportation.

Cancellation of Removal for Non-Permanent Residents

Non-permanent residents (undocumented immigrants or those with certain non-immigrant statuses) who have been physically present in the US for at least ten years can demonstrate good moral character, show that their removal would result in exceptional and extremely unusual hardship to a US citizen or LPR spouse, parent, or child, and have not been convicted of certain crimes, may be eligible for cancellation of removal.

Cancellation of removal is a complex area of immigration law, and eligibility requirements can vary based on individual situations and changes in immigration regulations. Consult with our immigration attorney to understand whether you or someone you know might be eligible for cancellation of removal and to navigate the legal process effectively.

What is the Process of Cancellation of Removal in North Carolina? 

Below is a general overview of the steps involved in the cancellation of removal process:

  1. Eligibility Evaluation: Determine if you meet the eligibility criteria for cancellation of removal since there are specific requirements for LPRs and non-permanent residents. Our lawyer can help you assess whether you meet these criteria.
  2. Obtain Legal Representation: Consult with our immigration attorney with experience in cancellation of removal cases. They will assess your situation, review your immigration history, criminal record (if applicable), and other relevant factors to determine your eligibility.
  3. Preparation of Documentation: Our lawyer will work with you to gather the necessary documentation to support your case. That may include evidence of your length of stay in the US, your good moral character, documents showing the hardship that your family would face if you were removed, and any other relevant documentation.
  4. File the Application: Our attorney will help you prepare and file the necessary application for cancellation of removal with the appropriate immigration court. That involves submitting the required forms and supporting documentation.
  5. Appear in Immigration Court: Once your application is filed, you will receive a Notice to Appear in immigration court. During the court proceedings, you’ll present your case to an immigration judge. You will have the opportunity to testify, provide evidence, and argue your eligibility for cancellation of removal.
  6. Presenting Your Case: Our lawyer will present your case, including demonstrating your eligibility for cancellation of removal based on the relevant criteria. They will also argue the merits of your case and address any potential challenges.
  7. Decision by the Immigration Judge: The immigration judge will review your case, the evidence presented, and our attorney’s arguments. They will then decide whether to grant or deny your application for cancellation of removal.
  8. Appeals (if necessary): If your application is denied, you may have the option to appeal the decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals or a higher court, depending on the circumstances.

Remember, the cancellation of the removal process can vary based on individual circumstances, changes in immigration laws, and the specifics of your case. This overview provides a general outline, but the process may involve more steps and complexities. Consulting with our experienced immigration attorney is crucial to navigate this process effectively and increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a North Carolina Cancellation of Removal Attorney?

Hiring our North Carolina cancellation of removal lawyer can provide several benefits, including:

  • Knowledge and familiarity: Our attorney experienced in cancellation of removal cases will have the knowledge and awareness necessary to navigate the complex immigration laws and procedures involved.
  • Increased chances of success: Having our well-equipped lawyer on your side can increase your chances of success in obtaining cancellation of removal, as we can help you build a strong case and present compelling evidence supporting your application.
  • Legal representation: Our attorney can represent you in court and advocate on your behalf, which can be especially important if you are not fluent in English or are unfamiliar with the legal system.
  • Protection of your rights: Our lawyer can ensure that your rights are protected throughout the cancellation of the removal process and that you are not subject to any unfair or unlawful treatment.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that you have our qualified attorney working on your case can provide peace of mind and reduce the stress and anxiety associated with the cancellation of the removal process.

Overall, hiring a cancellation of removal attorney in North Carolina can be a wise investment for non-citizens facing deportation or removal proceedings, as it can increase the chances of a successful outcome and provide valuable legal representation and support throughout the process.

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Even if you are preparing yourself for deportation, we may be able to keep you in the United States through a process known as cancellation of removal. Our North Carolina cancellation of removal lawyer can also help you preserve your immigrant family member from deportation by using immigration appeals and immigration laws. 

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