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Stephanie Wallace

Chief Financial Officer

Born and raised in Kinston, North Carolina, Stephanie Wallace is a native of Eastern North Carolina. She joined Diener Law in October of 2010 and now serves as the firm’s Chief Financial Officer. As a key member of Diener Law, she assumes a vital role in the overall management of the firm. Stephanie received a Bachelor of Science degree from Mount Olive College in Business Management and Organizational Development. While pursuing her undergraduate degree, she also worked full-time as a Trust Administrator in the Wealth Management Division of a financial institution. After obtaining her undergraduate degree, Stephanie received her Master of Science Degree in Human Resource Management. Immediately prior to joining the team at Diener Law, Stephanie Wallace worked for three years as a paralegal at another firm, handling primarily personal injury and civil litigation cases. Stephanie deeply loves her husband of fifteen years, John, and her daughter, Madison. She is passionate about being involved in projects for the American Cancer Association and helping those in need. She enjoys spending quality time with her family, outdoor activities, and the beach.